Blogging from my phone has become a bad habit haha ^^ because I’m using my phone and my fingers get sore pretty easy I tend to cut out a lot of what I want to have to say about certain things.

So again from my phone but its a pre-post post so I guess it doesn’t matter much, right?

Well for a little while today I felt like doing nothing, just wasnt up to it all – the studying and revision of both Korean language and schoolwork but then I just snapped out of it which is super xD cant be half-depressed and have no energy forever (;

What I’m Doing Right Now.

At the moment I’m studying using the Ewha 2-1 textbook because its been a little while and I felt I needed to get back into it ~ the 말해봅시다 section always fun to do heh although making dialogue is fun sometimes when I do it I dont find it that much fun because I’m afraid of making some horrible mistake lol but that’s just learners anxiety and I’ll get over it…..hopefully

Learnt a new word too ^^ 주로 (mainly) as in ~ 주말에 주로 뭘 해요! not really a hard word its so tiny I think its already in my long-term memory bank so nothing much to be excited over blah.

Well, now hitting the textbooks again XD what are you guys doing?

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말 없음.

Its been a sad few days -_- with the tragic 세월호 tragedy I’m someone with a lot of empathy for almost anyone and anything ~ I cry when my cat isn’t feeling so good.

So this has hit me pretty hard and although I have been occupying myself with studying late at night and what-not when I open my Twitter App and see the death toll increasing my heart skips a beat and I almost cry ;;; on the first night when I heard of the news the death toll was a 4 I was heartbroken for the families and I had them in my prayers that night and prayed that more people would be found alive and while.

But since then the death toll has continued to increase and it’s getting harder and harder to watch the number increase its so heartbreaking I can only imagine the pain that the families are going through, not only the ones that have lost their loved ones but the ones going to sleep uncertain if they are ever going to see their children, freinds, brothers, sisters or parents ever again.

From the bottom of my heart I hope more survivors are found! All of them are in my prayers.

#prayforsouthkorea everyone.

Coded in my dream.

Morning. Well I just woke up a while ago and the minute I woke up I remembered I had a dream that involved a Korean book I have :)

I walked into a store. There were tables around the place, I sat down with my mum at one of these tables and there was like “baskets” full of stuff everywhere and oddly dressed people at the other tables and a strange and impossible design of stairs into the “basement-like” store and after a while I seemed to have gotten bored and walked (actually I glided) over to one of these baskets and I picked up the book 세상에 너를 소리쳐! There were millions of these books, and I started to read it all >_< dont know if it was English or Korean I forgot ><

Okay. So to me that is a slightly obvious code that my mind is trying to pass to me and I think this is what its trying to say to me :

KIRSTEN read the damn book. Go get it off that shelf shove it into your bag and take it wherever you go, read it, highlight all unknowns. Make progress with it (:

So I will be tagging with my mum to an appointment she has with a radiologist and since its “prime time” to just sit and wait I’ll be tagging it with me lol and well everywhere else ….dont forget my new lovelies too ~ Yonsei Reading which I am loving and so much that just when I get to chapter 25 I’ll order the next volume in the series.

Ewha too, I’m highly looking forward to progressing through the series of both these books…already have Ewha books 3-1 ; 3-2 and Level 4 books in my basket ready for the checkout once I’m midway on Level 2-2 (:

Actually today is procurement day haha let me explain what that is quickly :- everyone in the family brings a list of things they need bought for them for the period of the next three months and I’m certain mine is the highest because I have 6 Korean textbooks which isn’t a lot because its just the next volume in Ewha and Yonsei Reading plus a grammar book and a book for listening practice I’ve been wanting for and now the price rises when I add all my novels and etc I have 6 novels and not one of them is a drama comic all words this time :) and these are all novels that are super close to my heart because I’ve adored the drama and blah blah XD

Hope my list gets approved :D

Being rushed out of house to abrubtly ends post.


For today it was meh.

Today. Ah where can I begin on today?

So I have that exam on the 30th (mathematics) but today I didn’t bother to study with past papers at all I just felt like doing NOTHING!!!

and I did that most of the day – yeah my mum did my hair which was a while but then after that I could have studied with past papers and done a few mock exams but instead I found it far more interesting to sit and watch  listen to Oscar Pistorius testify in his murder trial.

Personally I did break down into tears when he was apologizing to the Steenkamp family for taking their daughters life, and saying there isn’t a day he doesn’t pray for/ and think about them and also how he cant sleep well and all that.

But, then I have been waiting and waiting forever to hear his testimony because its the only way things can really be understood ~ more than beyond HE MURDERED HER.

You know what I mean? But it didn’t really answer any questions court was adjourned because “he does look exhausted. He sounds exhausted” the judges words (:

Blah.blah.blah sure you’re tired of reading about #OscarPustorius hehe but I just enjoy keeping up with the case its like a soap opera u need to know what happens next :P

Other stuff. Didn’t study Korean either lolol haha I didn’t even try I think I’ve overloaded my brain what with the Ewha and Yonsei ~~☆ will take a little break – ah no I’m lying I’m just being a lazy couch potato for today tomorrow I’ll study more aka : exams and Korean :D

Feel tired now xD ~ and this post was a pointless waste of bloody time but hey like I said being a lazy couch potatoe and couch potatoes do silly things (:

bye …bye :)

[Korean Reading Practice] 나의 꿈 (My Dream)

Last night I decided to study from Yonsei Reading 2 textbook ^^ and I enjoyed it so much ohymygoodness although because I was studying from it I did notice I have a very massive weakness in my Korean and its something I’ve mentioned on the blog before but seems like I haven’t addressed it yet. (read here to know more) this hasn’t changed up till now D: 

I haven’t yet actually done the exercises for the chapter I’ll get going on that soon :DD they look nice and not too structured if you know what I mean, also I had a look at the Ewha book for just a little while and I must say although I was loving the book looking at the Yonsei book I think I’ll be using that for a while before I get back to Ewha textbooks (:  so Ewha is taking a little back seat while I bubble with joy over Yonsei Reading haha

Before I forget! I uploaded my reading practice of chapter 1 of Yonsei Reading 2 to Youtube ^^

This was my first recording of the passage after I read it and listened to it. You can hear a few mistakes I made >.< but overall it was alright for a first go at it! Next time I’ll write about my dreams, just like the girl was talking about hers lets see what I can say in Korean about mine mmm.

Everyone hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy studying. 행복한 공부 되세요!!


The Moments After Books!

I seem to go really quiet everywhere online after recieving new books hehe I just get so absorbed in the books and learning I forgot the reason I have a blog to keep up with blogging my journey and the days after having new books are always to me the most exciting and I should write about them but meh I don’t know always seem to find the books more interesting xD

Can you blame me? Look at ‘em they are totally irresistible ♥



I haven’t started using all of them though :DD just the Ehwa Korean 2-1 and so far I like what I see ^^

Happy studying everyone ^^ 행복한 공부 되세요!!

ps : sorry for the blurry picture hands were shaking lol

[Twochois Book Haul] Korean textbooks April 2014

My books finally arrived after much delay and headache (it was supposed to be all simple) and I was supposed to have ‘em last week but let me not live in the ‘I was supposed to..” place in my head because I have them now and I am ecstatic haha I love them I didn’t even expect that they would look like that ~ paper quality, content etc. list is endless you’ll get all this in the reviews for them that I will write once I’m done with the books (:

Should be happy they came at the beginning of the month a little hmm! Then I have a new month and new books. New beginning of study hehe xD

Anyway, what did I get. I ordered 5 Korean textbooks its the most textbooks I’ve bought in one batch so this is essentially my first Korean book haul right ^^

I bought the Ehwa Korean books because they have been on my mind for a very long time, been wanting to try them and I didn’t know which level would be appropriate for me so I looked at the preview images and decided on level 2 last minute it was originally Level 3 I was going to buy but I’m glad I bought Level 2 because when I buy level 3 in a little while after I am done with Level 2 I will easily transition into the books seeing as I have used the previous level and know the way the books are laid out (:

I also bought Yonsei Reading 2 my goodness me!!!! Haha. I picked Level 2 because I thought it would be easier but still a little challenge boy was I right its still looks like a challenge I haven’t actually started using it yet all I did last night was take the CD out of the book place it on my desk and page through it a little bit nothing more, so when I start to use it I will see what its really like maybe my mind thinks its hard but it really isn’t. Anyway looking forward to using it.

I’ve already taken the Ewha Korean 2-1 book out for a little spin hehe done the first three grammars and practices and although they are simple and extremely easy I did learn one word in the first page lol hmm that makes me upset I should be studying harder :D but so far loving the book can’t stop (:

Also I finally got a taste of Bromide the Korean celeb magazine it was my first time seeing it, its so tiny hehe didn’t expect that but still loads of reading material in it and I can’t understand it so it means its useful to me (;

Maria! 시계 보지마..

Heehee title means absolutely nothing lol it’s just the line Siwon sings in the new 슈주M song “SWING” Korean version obviously (: Basically I’m hooked on this song since I first heard it a day after its release ^^ I was looking forward to the song because I like suju-m but this was totally unexpected its the most I’ve loved a SUJU-M song before >_< I keep singing it in my head but I still need to study the lyrics a little bit more to fully understand the song ~ I just have sort of a 50-60% understanding of it all xD some words I have never even heard of :| My favourite part is

글쎄 무슨 말이 필요할까 그냥 눈빛에 담아도 다 알아 so relax, be cool 내 곁에서 더 돋보이게 해줄게. 

Totally love this part even the way it was done in the MV its was amazing ^_^ and also I’m a super happy 소원 today with the release of the 소녀시대 Mr.Mr Dance practice which when I have some free time (after Korean study …exam studying…schoolwork) will be learning this dance still not sure which parts I would do ~ definitely have to do 70% Tiffany parts (:


I hate being busier LOL it makes me sick ~ which I am by the way got the flu bad its killing me and the weather being hot doesn’t help me either >_< but I’m super keen on watching 쓰리데이스 (Three Days) and also 신의선물 (God’s Gift) I sadly just don’t have the bloody time to sit down and watch it ): read a comment of someone having just finished 별에서 온 그대 and I just haven’t yet OMG I feel so sad that I don’t even know the ending ahh ;; sad fangirl.


대박. I translated two articles in the last few days first was a seriously long one about 슈주M “스윙” and how Henry has a 남자의 냄새 hehe ya y’all read that right I had fun reading that also it spoke about their fashion and etc.. my second article was a super short one just about 소녀시대 Tiffany and Taeyeon taking a beautiful selca in the dark I learnt the word 모미과시 (showing off good looks) roughly ^^ and I have to say although out of topic Tiffany and Taeyeon did look absolutely beautiful hehe :D anyway I have added or rather started to add links to articles I’ve read to my Korean learning log (just below 자기소개서)

Will probably get a chance to see my books soon ~ got an email this morning that there was a delay and some physical inspection was being done etc.

Super long post and its almost April eek my goodness time flies by way too fast if you don’t stop haha ~

Bye. Till next post. Xoxo


[About to Drama] 1%의 어떤 것

New drama on the list. Also I have changed my theme to my first theme on WordPress ever ^^ the one I had on in 2012 it sorta inspires me and makes me remember a lot of stuff.

The new drama. Sytarting to watch a new drama but here is the difference between all the others I’ve watched and this one, I will be watching this drama totally unsubbed!! I know for my level its a real challenge but lately that’s exactly what I think I need. Something to light a fire in my brain and make me use all I have learnt.

My listening skill is actually way better than any of my other skills, so listening for words should be easy and I think one thing I have to watch out for is listening intently on structure of grammar and not getting tripped up on it all.

Heh. Maybe once I’m done with this drama and watching it unsubbed in natural form it will leave a special meaning in my heart, and also I think I will better understand the meaning of the drama by watching it all using the language its in.

1percentWill be watching : 1% of Anything (1%의 어떤 것)

why did I choose this drama? Any special reason. Have you seen it before? 

Probably one of the questions I would ask (: and the answer I just chose this drama out of a list on my sisters laptop (she has a massive list of dramas!!!) There is no special reason apart from the fact that it looks very interesting and I am sure I will enjoy it hehe. I also know none of the actors so everything about this drama is very new to me. I have obviously not seen it lol which you would have guessed by answers provided above.

I will most likely post about it but since everytime I say I will do something I either get lazy or just forget I said it I will just leave it to a “maybe” on this drama. I would like to post about it but knowing me I won’t be to keep up if I call it a “series” on the blog haha.

Has anyone seen this drama? If you have leave a comment. Did you enjoy it? No spoilers lolol :D